August 30, 2010


Being in a new environment always gives me the opportunity of noticing inspirations that are around me. At Watershed, there was always a moment for this discovery. When I didn't have my hands in the red clay, I was taking pictures! Above is a picture of some lovely green growth in the tide pools along the coast.

Inside the beehive kiln, we were constructing an installation of wool that we spread over the floor. I was captured by the intense feeling of space when you were inside this huge kiln. The acoustics were amazing in there and just the presence of the actual stillness inside was so peaceful. I loved the repetition in the brickwork in the ceiling....reminds me of my woven textures I put on my work.

I watched these huge hay bales each day as we made the walk up and down to the studio. It's like they are huge marshmallows posing for a picture. It was interesting seeing how the light throughout the day changed the appearance of these.

These milkweed pods were everywhere along the same road, as well as a chicken and sheep farm. We visited the farmer to buy wool for our wool project, and I found an interesting composition in this basket of fresh eggs.

sign leading into the studio at Watershed

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