January 11, 2010

Looking Back

After my last post, "moving forward,"now I'm "looking back". With this winter cleaning I've been doing, the de-clutter everything mode is still in full swing. It feels good to go through things and clean up a bit. What I've discovered is things I'd forgotten about, from neat photos, to old quotes I've saved, to piles and piles of slides of my older work. Looking through those has been interesting to see where I've been and forms I used to explore. I could see how I've improved in the last 5-6 years, but what was fun was to see things that I wanted to explore again, like a certain tray form, a different texture, a different clay.

Looking back at my blog writing from a year ago is interesting too. It's neat to reflect back on where I was and contrast it with where I am today. If you care to browse through the archives, here's a flashback into this time last year, January 2009.

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jimgottuso said...

it's hard to believe when you look back at the older posts... i agree. i never kept a journal or anything so i've looked back recently and was surprised by all the details i probably would have forgotten