January 25, 2010

Clay and Blogs, Telling a Story

An interesting exhibit is being pulled together by some potter bloggers, called "Clay and Blogs, Telling a Story." Meredith Heywood, a Seagrove potter, is the creator of this neat exhibit that will be in October, at the Arts Council for Moore County, in Southern Pines, NC. There will be around 35 potter bloggers who are invited to the show.

People blog for multiple reasons and even with the numerous pottery blogs out there you can find a variety pack of topics within the medium, or even a variety of reasons why people choose to blog. I think blogging is a great tool for people to see behind the scenes of the potter in the studio and their quiet musings; the ups, the downs, the successes, the failures, the determination to keep going, as well as a particular technique or what they are currently working on at that time.

For me, blogging is a great chance to clarify my thoughts about choices behind my work, and to show my inspirations behind the pots. Seeing those quiet musings in real words is different than just thinking it. Sharing it also helps others learn the voice of the potter behind the pots. I've always felt you can tell a lot about a potter from their pots. Just like people matching their dogs, potters often match their pots! That's why it's so neat for potters to raise their voices and share the inner workings of their studios. Blogging also brings about a sense of community between other potters and artists alike, who can learn, be inspired, or simply relate to the ramblings of the self employed artist.

I'll explain more details as we get closer to the exhibit, but this will be an interesting one! We have a while til' October, I know, but this is just another one of the things behind the scenes that is bubbling in the pot already as ideas and plans are coming together between us potter bloggers!


Linda Starr said...

Great close ups of your work and love your description of the bubbling pot.

cookingwithgas said...

So nicely put Joy.
There are so many good reasons that people blog and many more why we are reading.
The show has great promise and will be here before we know it!

FetishGhost said...


Bulldog Pottery said...

The behind the scenes aspect of blogging provides for us an avenue to share with everyone what we are up to in the studio. It is a way to continue the conversation about our art. Cheers to all of you.

jimgottuso said...

it's like a conversation at the pub only online... great description of the bloggin' gig


I haven't been in a ton of shows...like you have! But nice(and an honor) to be in another one(Baltimore Clayworks) with you!