August 21, 2009

Pots and thoughts

Hello there,

I've been happily working away in the studio making lots of pots, or at least getting them thrown. It's slow going sometimes in this studio with getting the pots to dry out and ready for the next step. I've been throwing a batch of small and medium sized lidded jars and am finishing up some oval bakers. As usual the studio is getting full to the brim of pots...I need more shelving!, no I need more space! It's funny how fast one can outgrow a studio, I've taken over ever square inch plus some more and have lately been feeling like I wish I could spread out more. Well, there is always room for change on the horizon. I've been considering thoughts of finding a different studio situation lately, although the choices remain infinite. In my time at this studio I have decided that I would like to share a studio with someone. The solitude is nice, well, sometimes. It's bittersweet. But after working alone for over two years, I have found I would like some company while in the studio. I think it would just keep the energy flowing better and could be a pleasant, cheerful interruption to my thoughts that are always circling 'round my head! I don't know how or when all this can change but it's definitely something I think about as I think of the future. I'm sure I'm not alone in this desire as I know other artists/potters out there probably feel similarly.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


jimgottuso said...

i enlarged my studio space last summer and it's full already, of course it could be more efficiently laid out. i've never thought of sharing a space and now that you've mentioned it, it could be really great if the other person was the right person.

Nigel & Cheyenne Rudolph said...

nigel and i have been sharing a space for 4 years now (some very tight spaces and currently a larger space that we are quickly outgrowing). the exchange of ideas is nice, and we also have an unspoken rhythm, though that may come from being married...we tend to keep different schedules, so we catch each other coming and going, but it's fun to be there together and watch new ideas form.

Joy Tanner said...

yeah, you're right, just the RIGHT person!! it's funny how territorial we, or I seem to be in my studio!

Thanks for the comments Cheyenne, your rhythm sounds like it would be nice!

richard aerni said...

Interesting dilemma...I worked together with others for 10 years, then alone for 17 years, and the past six I've shared a studio with others. We have a nice group now (personal dynamics are extremely important), but with the shrinking pot market here in the north, and rising rents, I'm thinking of downsizing, which is radical for me. Perhaps going from my now 2000 square foot space down to about 1500. Trying to figure out how to fit everything in will really be tough. Hope you find a good mate.