August 5, 2009

I really am a potter

I really am a potter although I know many of you know and can see in all of my blog posts I'm also obsessed with my camera and sometimes I disappear from the blogosphere. I'm still out here making pots! It is photography that is my outlet while it also serves a dual role in being what brings the inspiration into my clay work. I feel it has helped me in growing a discerning eye, as well as an observant one.

I've been working along in the studio checking off pots that are on the ever growing 'make list' for the next big soda firing. Between some old, hard clay and some really soft clay, sometimes the pots don't come easily. For me I have to have the clay just so, as well as my stool, my sponge (which I've been having issues with finding the right sponge), and my head! I don't know what made me grow so picky but a potter must be centered. As pots go round and round the wheel, so do my thoughts go round and round. Maybe that's why I like to alter my pots more and more, to get them out of the round, out of the unexpected.

...working on some medium sized bowls and what will be an altered oval tray for a carved pitcher and tumbler set for an upcoming exhibit at Crimson Laurel Gallery if all goes well!

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Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

Always like the altered shapes. They have lots more personality than round pieces.