November 26, 2008

Unthawing and Waiting

We finished up the wood firing earlier than normal yesterday, which was nice. The predicted snow never happened, although it was so cold it was hard to move with all of the layers of clothing I had on. I think the firing might be good! The cones were pretty hot all around the kiln.

This is the soda ash paste we spread onto wood that is stoked into the kiln at the end of the firing. It looks like those iced oatmeal cookies. It's hard to imagine that "iced glazed cookie" creates such an amazing variation of soda glaze on the pots.

We'll have to wait longer for the cooling time to get past Thanksgiving family events, and Will's wheel throwing class he just taught has pots in the firing, so they are also coming for the unloading, whenever we can coordinate it all. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Meagan Chaney said...

Hey Joy! Cant wait to see the results! Glad yall didn't freeze and that it went quicker than expected. Have fun eating Turkey!