November 18, 2008

Room for Creamer?

I didn't finish these last week before I went out of town, so luckily they survived while covered under plastic until I got back to them. These are 5 little creamers made out of porcelain, dipped into my favorite helmar flashing slip for the wood kiln. I'm envisioning some nice smoky gray colors and wood flame markings on them to soon be revealed!

This vase form I've "triangularlized" instead of "squared." I usually square my pieces right on the wheel when I'm done throwing them. This time I divided the pot into three parts by using the inside part of my middle finger, and started at the bottom and drew a line up the pot to divide it into three sections. Later I added small coils to create these ridges or peaks on the top of the rim. I'm envisioning this form to become something more sculptural and organic. It still holds more of a classical wheel thrown form, but I'm thinking that this could be something I would like to push beyond the classical and go more sculptural so that it possesses a flowing, organic feeling. Maybe next time I will accentuate the peaks by making them bigger so that they become more of the form rather than a tiny detail. I added a couple of extra lines at the top of the rim for fun....who knows? I guess I should get out my sketchbook since this form is becoming more altered in my mind.

I wanted to thank everyone out there who continually keeps up with me in this online journal, sketchbook of sorts. It really inspires me and I always appreciate your kind words and encouragement. So, thank you for reading.


Ron said...

I really like what you've got going on with that vase form Joy. I love the way the lip pushes over between the raised parts and how the textured areas raise upwards. said...


Judy Shreve said...

stunning work - love the creamers! And the added detail on the lip of the vase is a great touch.

Post photos after the firing!

Joy Tanner said...

Thanks for the compliments! I'll post pics after the firing, don't you worry! It's going to be a cold one!'s been in the 20s the past two days!