September 11, 2008

The Anatomy of A Teapot (part 1)

Here's a slew of teapot spouts I threw that are drying and getting ready to attach. I throw them on the wheel and before cutting them off, I dry them a little bit with a heat gun and then slightly bend them into a curve. Later when I attach them I cut away some of the base so it fits to the form nicely and sometimes shape the curve some more to get a nice flowing line.

I always have been one to make sculptural knobs, rather than the wheel thrown round knobs. They are like mini sculptures sitting on top of your pot and the sky is the limit with ideas for relating to my textures. This particular one is tried and true, I have been using it for a few years and am still pleased with the activeness of it and the direction it makes your eye move around the form. The small keys on the lid and the pot are there for the user to line up so they know which way I intend the lid to fit.

This tab on the underside of the lid fits underneath the flange on the teapot. This is positioned opposite the spout on the teapot and when you are pouring the tea, the tab will keep the lid secured into place without it falling out.

I enjoy all these details that come together to create intimate, one person teapots. I'll show the finished teapots soon complete with the handle.


Deborah Woods said...

Hi Joy. I would definitely describe the picture of the spouts as being part of an anatomy :) I didn't realize that the teapots are one person. Do they hold just a cup or two of tea?

Joy Tanner said...

Yeah, just about one to two cups of tea....I throw the "bodies" with 3 pounds of clay. I like small teapots for some reason, times I've tried to make larger ones they've seemed awkward to me, but that's probably because I don't do it much...I think most people these days who might actually use teapots are using them for themselves and their own teapot fetishes instead of serving them to large masses of people, so I feel like making that size is appropriate...I don't know...I could be wrong, it just feels right to me is all I know. :)