June 18, 2008

Tea Time

Today I worked intently on assembling all the parts to my teapots after trimming them yesterday. I did some carving and texturing, and then added all the parts: knobs, keys, lid tabs, spouts, and handles. Teapots are so much detail packed into a little piece. So many parts have to come together to make a complete whole, which is a great challenge that I enjoy. My teapots are really for one person and their tea. I tried to increase the scale once, but it lost the intimacy that the smaller size had. I'll show the finished results tomorrow and we'll see if there's any really good ones in the batch. I only am working on 6 and I feel like I threw these so long ago last week, so I'm ready to not have them under plastic anymore.

The weather today was amazing. If I could record the feeling of the soft air then I would have shared it with you. I only allowed myself a few minutes of it, as the teapots were begging my attention. I did, however, enjoy my first fresh salad from my garden tonight, with some early lettuce and fresh herbs.

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