June 13, 2008

Sneak peek

Thought I'd do some advertising for Mr. Will Baker. We unloaded the kiln last night and pulled out these winners I couldn't help but show you. Go by his studio this weekend for the Toe River Studio Tour and you can pick out a few! I just love these! I have one at home, do you?

These pots off the top shelf are bare clay, straight out of Highwater Clays bag, no flashing slip, the jar on the left is bare Moon white, and the other pots are bare Loafer's Glory. Will's getting some pretty nice flashing out of that Roan Mountain kiln.

He was able to squeeze in this line of mugs of mine in his firing, too. I'm pretty happy with them!

We're headed tonight to the opening reception for the studio tour in Spruce Pine from 5-8pm. You can get a map to our studios at the link. The studio tour and sale is all day Saturday and Sunday 10- 5 pm! Come take a scenic drive out to my studio and Will's, it should be a great weekend!

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