June 16, 2008

Small Start

The tour turned out to be slow as far as a people count goes. On Sunday I had more visitors to my hummingbird feeder than visitors to see my pots! I had set myself up for that, though, living out on the far western side of the tour, and it being the first time I have done the tour out here. But the small handful of people that did venture out here made some nice purchases. I actually really enjoyed being able to be in my own element selling my pots for once, rather than being crammed into a 10 x 10 booth like at a craft fair. Often those times are spent twiddling my thumbs in between customers, and displaying the "on" face whenever someone walks in. I find it hard to do retail shows for various reasons, one being that I like to be actively busy doing things, often thinking of all the things I could be getting done without sitting there. Another part is that it is hard for me to always open up around complete strangers and I feel that they may not always get the full effect of me and the work that I create. Maybe that doesn't matter, because maybe the work alone should speak for itself. But this weekend, it was so much more relaxed and peaceful. People could see my studio, the landscape in which I live, and get a real sense of why I am the way I am, and why it is that I make pots. Sometimes it just takes one person who gets you and the intent of your work that is worth a million. It really helps me continue on. Overall, I think it was good to be in it out here, you have to start somewhere. I at least was able to get work done in the studio during the tour. I finished some bowls and carved and slipped the tumblers.

I made the carved panel on these tumblers like the pitchers I did earlier, with a fluid moving panel and indentions in the foot area. This was the first batch of tumblers I threw and only about 4 of them seem right to me, but I have several more batches to make in the next couple of weeks. I have a hard time getting this form exactly perfect each time, so each one will vary slightly around the curved areas. Now I'm throwing in a new equation, I'm using porcelain for these, so I'm trying to adjust to this new clay, too.


Michael Kline said...

I appreciate what you say about the context of your home and studio. I did the tour from the new shop and it was so nice to just point over to the kiln instead of opening my photo album and try to explain. It was also very nice to have the kids running around and selling their lemonade. We were together all weekend which seems to be rare these days.
There does seem to be a problem getting the folks out into the county, I'm not sure what we should do to help the 'hinter' studios. Stacey and I sent out a mailing to selected past Trac customers from our mailing list. I think you should continue the personal touch and you will build a steady following, I'm sure. Your pots are really nice and I'm sure people will take them home and realize they should have bought a couple more, and they will hopefully get a chance at the next Tour.

See you around.
(i appreciate your thoughtful blog. Thanks.)

Shane Mickey said...

congrats on a good first tour. i am happy to see you doing well up here in the mts. you are on the right path.

Patricia Griffin said...

Hi Joy - Just discovered your blog and enjoyed reading recent entries, especially the new one about selling from your own environment. I work from my studio that has an attached gallery in a tourism area... People are popping in all the time, especially on the weekends... It's still new for me and sometimes I find myself resenting the intrusions, er, I mean visitors. I think I'll relax with it eventually and be able to continue working when folks are around. Love your tumblers. Really nice work.