June 3, 2008

Off Center

the daisies are in

Today I got a little bit of work done in the studio, started some medium sized square bark tiles which are upside down. Also, finished a new triangular shaped vase that sort of arose from my earlier experiment with the carving panels and ridges. I think it might be going somewhere. It works well on a form that is very shapely. But maybe the ridges need to be bigger, they'll probably shrink to nothing in the firing and look too timid.

Freshly slipped pot in my favorite woven texture. Don't you just love fresh slipped pots?

I wasn't getting anywhere at the wheel today...my thoughts have been all cluttered up, so unfortunately throwing wasn't the right thing. I feel like I need to throw piles and piles of pots, since my next firing is only one month off. Anyhow, I think I had a small case of cabin fever, so I took off to my closest grocery store, 20 minutes away, in the town of Burnsville. I also mailed a pile of my show postcards off to announce the upcoming TRAC studio tour, and the July Southern Highland Fair, which is about a little over a month away. Then I stopped into Troy's to get some more sugar snap pea seeds since mine aren't having any success in the garden. I also couldn't resist some small plants of cleome and verbena. If you've not been to Troy's garden center, then by all means go, if not for the plants, then the local color! It is a great combination of order and disorder, thriving plants and not so thriving plants. I meandered through the mazes of hot steamy greenhouses and somehow felt better amongst all the possibilities of new growth. I spoke with Troy himself who gave me some insights into sugar snaps. Sometimes I just wish I could be a full time gardener, having a life of nurturing plants. But I just don't need another thing that I'm trying to make a living at!

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Shane Mickey said...

troys is awesome, it is literaly a maze of greenhouses, steamy and dirty, a true working greenhouse. i too am off center, seems like all are, look at kilnes blog lately too. its the weather adn the economy, booooooooooooo!
im selling my liver, oh its worthless, then a kidney, yep a kidney