June 18, 2008

Moving On

Here are the finished teapots. I actually am not too happy with this batch...I think I only like the last one on the right. The 3 on the left will have a reed handle over the top that I will attach after the firing. Even though I know I like the smaller size of teapot, this time I threw these just a 1/2 pound bigger and maybe that's why they seem awkward to me. I like a more pronounced form with a smaller foot that really makes your eye move around the form.

I threw a lot of cups today and am finishing up these new bowls that have a light slip texture inside. Now I'm trying this new indented foot on everything I guess, to see how far I can push it. I like these squared bowls, maybe next time I'll divide the space into 3 though. I thought I could carve in those areas too...so many possibilities.

porcelain slip texture made with mesh drawer liner

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