June 29, 2008

Gettin Dirty

It's starting to get dirty around the studio with the flurry of making pots this last week. I couldn't even see the pots in the mirror. Although I said I try not to be a machine, I feel like I have been lately. I always get behind this last week before a firing and sometimes find myself working 16 hour days in the studio, and 7 days a week to get everything done. I always say next time I'm going to plan better, but no matter what happens, I always seem to be rushing that last week of making, and then rushing the glazing. I do hope that one day I can balance my time better in the studio and work more efficiently so that there is built in time for relaxing....yes...relaxing, I think I know what that is.

I finished more tumblers and mugs with the new foot treatment, this time using a different ripple carving. I think this pattern is much more active looking with the fluid panels, than with the straight panels I once used. It's exciting having these small changes now carrying on to other forms.

I'm firing another bisque kiln tomorrow and have a couple more days to finish up everything, and get the last bisque firing in while I move on to glazing.

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Patricia Griffin said...

Love the mugs and tumblers... the figurative shape flowing through the form. Looks like they would be comfortable to hold as well. Nice work!... And if you find a solution to the time-balancing act, please let us know!