June 30, 2008

Finishing Up

I'm pretty close to being done with all the pots. Today I spent finishing up the pieces I've been working on for the past few days. I had so much in progress and I would work on a few elements to them at a time, keeping them wrapped well in plastic. Once I was done texturing and adding all the parts, I then dipped each of them in flashing slips. I use about 5 different soda slips that are loaded into the kiln by range of soda dispersement from the fire face to the back side of the kiln. The kiln being crossdraft, can bring about a wide range of soda from the firebox through to the chimney side, so I've been learning the best places for certain slips and clays. All of these pots will go into the last bisque firing in a few days.

Tomorrow I can get started in on glazing, which is ahead of schedule, actually. My chugging along in the studio has paid off and now I'll have more days to finish the glazing instead of having to cram it into only a few days. I'm not planning to load the kiln until next Monday or Tuesday.

I got some fun mail today. I received my complimentary copy of the Lark book, "500 Plates and Chargers". I had an image of my Bark Plates selected for the publication. I've been thumbing through and noticing the extremely wide range of contemporary plates that are happening out there!

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Patricia Griffin said...

Congrats on being "published." I haven't seen the book yet, but am looking forward to picking one up. Bravo!